Matt Garrett, AMFT

Matt’s approach to supporting clients is to establish a sincere and human connection, creating a foundation of mutual trust. Using awareness and understanding, Matt helps children, teens, and adults to make sense of, and alleviate the intensity of their challenging emotions.

As a clinician, Matt has worked with children of all ages, along with parents and guardians, to ensure the family unit is well supported and able to maintain the client’s progress. He has worked extensively with young adults in less-privileged communities, and is capable of treating a myriad of conditions and symptoms, including anxiety, depression, trauma, and social withdrawal.

Understanding that people cope with challenging experiences differently, Matt believes in working through these experiences in a way that complements each client’s style.

Matt has worked in Applied Behavior Analysis for 13 years, primarily with those in the neurologically-diverse community. He is also a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and practices TEAM-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Office Hours: Tuesday – Thursday

Phone: 510-748-0637 ext. 8

License: AMFT 97225

Matt is supervised by Elizabeth Dandenell, LMFT, License# MFT 37202

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