Elizabeth Dandenell, LMFTCoping with COVID support group

Mondays 5:30 – 6:30 PM (PST)
Starts Sept 7, 2020 (ongoing)
Cost: FREE

We know the COVID-19 outbreak is difficult and is creating increased levels of anxiety for many of us. Talking regularly with others can help to relieve stress while providing a sense of community and support. Elizabeth Dandenell, LMFT, is facilitating a free, weekly online COVID-19 Support Group. Together we’ll connect as we learn to navigate life in this stressful time.

This group is on-going and currently has two or three openings available.

Elizabeth, and everyone at the East Bay Center for Anxiety Relief, is dedicated to helping you get through this stormy time feeling calmer and better able to thrive. If you aren’t able to join this group, or you would prefer individual counseling, please contact us at 510-748-0637.

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Laura Guyn, LMFTSocial-Emotional Skills for your Children

Sundays and Wednesdays
Starts Jan 13, 2020
Where: Online (Zoom)
Cost: $30/week for two sessions or $100/month for eight sessions

This group will provide a space for your children to slow down, check-in, and learn how to be resilient in their emotional worlds.  During our brief sessions, your kids will learn how to find their calm, check-in with themselves, and share their experiences with others.

Learn more and sign up here.