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Why work with Associates?

A common misperception about associates (pre-licensed clinicians) is that they aren’t ready to handle real-life therapy because they’re still in training.

However, before an associate can work with clients, even under supervision, they must complete four years of college, 2-4 years of graduate school, 1500 hours of supervised clinical experience, another 1500 hours of training in the field with weekly supervision plus additional training workshops. After they’ve completed this, they take the exam for their license.

Before our associates can work with you, they will have a minimum of 1500 clinical hours working with clients.

Our associates are life-experienced, well-trained, and work under the direct supervision of a licensed clinician.

Humans are diverse and complicated, and the therapists who work with them need to be unique in terms of style, specialty, and therapeutic approach. At EBCAR, we believe in effective, efficient, mindful therapists. We are dedicated to giving you the most effective, well-crafted individual mental health support possible in the fewest number of sessions.

When I started EBCAR, one of my intentions was to support associates in their training towards licensing and becoming strong professionals. I believe that clinical professional development is a life-long process. I bring over 30 years of experience to my supervision role and have from the beginning set out to enable the practice to financially support 80% of my associates’ outside professional workshops, consultations, and training. I have also developed in-house training that associates go through every month.

We hire our associates at the end of their training hours; for many it is often their second career. Because of this, our clinicians bring their diverse life experiences to their work with clients, creating well–rounded mental health professionals.

EBCAR is helping to grow the next generation of licensed mental health therapists.

—Elizabeth Dandenell, LMFT

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