Individual Sessions

EBCAR provides an opportunity for quick and effective therapy with their session structure. Our individual sessions are not the typical 50-minute hour that you attend once a week for six months. Instead, we offer longer sessions that reduce the overall length of treatment.

The initial interview is 90 minutes, and then we normally follow up with 10-12 sessions that last 75 minutes. Many of our clients achieve their short-term goals during this period. Afterword, we schedule follow-up sessions at one month, three months, and six months, if needed.

Once you are a client with us, you can always return for followup or booster sessions.

Family Sessions

Our unique assessment process allows us to understand your child or teen, and determine if they are motivated to create change in their life.

Couples Sessions

The initial couples assessment is 90 minutes. Subsequent sessions normally run 75-90 minutes. We find that two longer sessions per month are more effective than having shorter sessions every week. It’s more cost-effective for you, too.

Nature Therapy

Nature therapy is conducted outside in environments selected for their beauty and peacefulness.

Professional Services

Elizabeth Dandenell, LMFT, offers supervision for mental health interns who are affiliated with EBCAR or other agencies. She also offers individual consulting for mental health practitioners and educators.

Extended Sessions

Extended sessions are great for people who are interested in pursuing therapy but don’t have flexible work schedules, or want faster results.

Our extended sessions are to the treatment model we use, and clients find them very effective because we can address multiple issues in a single session, rather than over a period of weeks.

These sessions are typically 4-6 hours. As an option, you can book sessions on consequent days, or multiple sessions in a single week. This focused time enables you to create a flow in your therapeutic process, more quickly establish a rapport with your therapist, and achieve your therapy goals more quickly. After an extended session, we will give you tools and homework that help you continue your progress.